A stylish, unique gift for any pet lover!

These commissioned pet portraits were featured on both Catster.com and Dogster.com!

“Kevin Halfhill creates pet portraits. Working in the digital medium, he takes provided photographs of beloved dogs [and cats] and transforms them into vivid geometric renderings. It’s a process that presents pets in a colorful and an abstract-leaning fashion, while still capturing the pet’s inner character.”

  • A unique masterpiece featuring your pet
  • Available as 11oz + 15oz Coffee Mugs and Pillows
  • Each portrait is custom made with love
  • 25% of every purchase is donated to your chosen participating animal shelter or organzation

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Animalia Collective partners with wildlife and pet charities and donate more than 50% of our profits each month to support their causes. To date, Animalia Collective has sold over $78,600 for our partners in support of wildlife conservation, education, and prevention of cruelty to animals!

  • Personalized for Pet Lovers Charity Square Pillow

  • Personalized for Pet Lovers Charity Mug