#aWEARness Initiative: Non-Profit Apparel Fundraiser Campaigns

Flexible, turnkey fundraising campaigns for organizations of any size.

  • 100% Free to Non-Profit Organizations in the USA
  • Awesome, limited edition merchandise designs made exclusively for your organization
  • A complete, turnkey solution for high-quality merchandise fundraisers
  • All aspects of fulfillment— design, sales, printing, packing, shipping and customer service—are provided as part of the campaign for FREE
  • We donate over 50% of the net profits to your organization
  • All items are printed on-demand and can be printed in *any* quantity—whether it’s 1 shirt or 10,000
  • One-off or ongoing campaigns
  • Made and shipped from Southern California

Through this program, merchandise design and fulfillment costs your organization NOTHING. If your organization already has merchandise, this a great way to offer something fresh and exciting to your donors beyond your usual merchandise selection. For smaller organizations who may lack the necessary resources to run high-quality merchandise campaigns, the program gives you a turnkey solution to offer the same quality merchandise to your donors that you see at larger organizations.

To date, Animalia Collective has sold over


for our partners in support of wildlife conservation and education!

Great-looking merchandise and turnkey fundraising is as easy as 1…2…3

Here’s how it works:


Gorgeous artwork and merchandise design, specifically for your organization

To prepare your campaign, we’ll create a unique piece of artwork specific to your organization or cause. Whether it’s an artful interpretation of your organization’s logo or a unique design representing your mission, we'll use this artwork to design merchandise for your campaign. T-shirts are a popular standard; hoodies, tote bags, hats/ballcaps, tank tops and other apparel are also available.

Your merchandise goes on sale

Your campaign begins! Your merchandise will be available for purchase at animaliacollective.com through our main store (available to the general public). You’ll also receive a unique URL specific to your organization; you can link to this page to showcase only your organization’s products.

Your organization receives the money from merchandise sales

At the end of each month, your organization receives a donation based on the number of items sold. Every organization (and their audience) is different, but as an example, Giraffe Conservation Foundation raised over $10,000 during a recent campaign through merchandise sales and add-on donations!

Swipe to see some past merchandise designs:

…or click here to learn more about our partners.

“Kevin is such a pleasure to work with. He is determined to use his amazing artistic skills to support important causes that he personally believes in. He initially took the time to get to know not only our organization and mission, but our team and the greater giraffe conservation community. The merchandise he designed based on that understanding really connected with our supporters. We've run two campaigns with him so far, and can't wait to see the idea he is developing for the next one. We highly recommend him to anyone looking to bring unique high-quality merchandise to their fundraising campaigns.”

Steph FennessyGiraffe Conservation Foundation

“Kevin designed and implemented the on-line presence for several of our local schools and our record-setting educational fundraising arm, Manhattan Beach Education Foundation. His expertise in a wide range of digital media enabled us to not only achieve our goals, but to learn how to manage and build our own content going forward. Our schools would not be where they are today if not for his talents and his ability to work well with a variety of situations and restrictions.”

Tina StoutManhattan Beach Education Foundation

“I have worked with Kevin for more than a decade and have always been exceptionally happy with his work. Working with him is a no-brainer. Kevin brings a unique ability to help identify needs and to meet those needs. He delves deep and takes the time to truly understand your market and needs and presents a well thought out plan to accomplish your goals. He truly cares about the success of his clients and is very dedicated. In fact, there have been times when we have had an emergency need and he is instantly available. He is always happy to jump in and help and make sure we are satisfied. I cannot recommend him enough.”

Andy KleinVITA North America

“I have collaborated with Kevin for many years on website projects and he was always focused on excellent communication and open collaboration. He has the ability to explain complex design and function concepts in an easy to understand way and was great to partner with.”

Lisa GrayeVITA North America

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Animalia Collective began in 2016 as a concept by artist and designer Kevin Halfhill. Kevin had previously spent over 15 years as a freelance web developer, during which time he designed websites for a number of non-profit organizations throughout Southern California. In 2014, he initiated a career shift; he opened a home-based art studio to pursue fine art professionally.

Having a strong desire to continue working with non-profits, Kevin created Animalia Collective, a platform to educate, inform, and raise money for a cause very dear to him: the conservation of nature and wildlife. Beginning with his partnership with Giraffe Conservation Foundation, Kevin now works with a broad range of wildlife organizations across three continents.

Together, they have sold $96,700 to support wildlife conservation and prevention of cruelty to animals around the world! Animalia Collective donates more than 50% of its profits to partner organizations in support of their work. Every purchase made on this site contributes to these ongoing donations.

Says Kevin, “For me personally, art is about much more than just making pretty things or having fun; it’s about making a statement. Art allows us to express and influence in ways that words cannot—photography, visual art, and music are all formidable instruments at our disposal in our collective quest to better The World. Visual arts are a potent way of communicating beyond language and reason. More often than not, art makes us feel, and those feelings can be very powerful. Power, when focused, promotes change, and I can’t escape my belief that change is one of the best parts of the human experience. When I first made the decision to pursue a career in fine art, I knew that I wanted to do something more than just make art—I wanted to make people feel. I try to do that every day through my work.”

Kevin Halfhill is a self-taught digital artist from Los Angeles, California. Now, he works internationally and loves connecting with people everywhere who share his interest in creating beautiful and meaningful things. His work reflects influences of abstract, minimalism, dystopianism, collage, macro photography, and often focuses on complex arrangements of simple geometric shapes. He is known for his colorful, often origami-like portraits, and his use of simple shapes to create intricate, evocative imagery.

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