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Ewaso Lions conserves Kenya’s lions and other large carnivores by promoting coexistence between people and wildlife.

Nearly half of Africa’s lions have been wiped out in just two decades. Ewaso Lions is focused on working with local communities in Kenya to create areas where people and lions can coexist, by securing lion corridors whereby lions can continue to thrive without persecution.

Ewaso Lions are helping local people and their livelihoods by reducing their livestock losses. In January, the Ewaso Lions team is climbing Mt. Kenya to show the world that they will go to great heights—literally—for lions before they are driven to extinction in the wild. They are using the climb to raise awareness and critical funds for lion conservation.

Wear your support for Ewaso Lions.

Help spread the message about these majestic animals and prevent their extinction.

Animalia Collective is proud to support Ewaso Lions. Animalia Collective has sold over $49,777.96 in support of wildlife conservation organizations around the world. Over 50% of the proceeds from this collection of exclusive apparel goes to support Ewaso Lions’ work to protect lions.

To learn more about Ewaso Lions, visit their website, ewasolions.org

Animalia Collective donates more than 50% of its net profits to its partner charities and wildlife organizations!

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