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Animalia Collective’s mission is to bring out the wildlife warrior in everyone. We partner with wildlife and pet charities and donate more than 50% of our profits each month to support their causes.

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We weep for Xanda, son of Cecil, who was felled to a trophy hunter

| Animal Cruelty, Awareness, Wildlife Conservation | No Comments

Xanda, son of Cecil the lion, was killed by a trophy hunter in Zimbabwe. What possesses a person to “hunt” animals in this way?

World Giraffe Day 2017: Stand Tall for Giraffe

| Wildlife Conservation | No Comments

Stand tall for giraffe this June! You can help. Learn about the people and organization protecting this iconic species from silent extinction.

Earth & Environment
May 16, 2017

We dare you to look away from these mesmerizing African desert time-lapses

National Geographic featured these entrancing time-lapses of African deserts by Matthew Hood. Capturing several distinct landscapes of Namibia, this video is both mesmerizing and soothing—a perfect escape from the bustle of a busy day.

Animal Cuteness
May 10, 2017

See Spot Play: This adorable wolf pup will undoubtedly capture your heart

This two-month old grey wolf puppy, Shadow, knows how to have a good time at the San Diego Zoo.

Animal Cuteness
April 28, 2017

Watch this rescued baby elephant fall in love with his human rescuer

Seeing Khamla, a baby rescued elephant, hold hands with Darrick, her rescuer, as she parades him around the rest of the herd is incredibly touching.